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Chris Tucker Sued By Comedian Terry Hodges Over Netflix Special!

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Comedian Chris Tucker is reportedly being sued over his upcoming Netflix stand-up special.

 According to TMZ, comedian Terry Hodges filed the lawsuit against Chris and Netflix claiming that he has not been paid in years for the work that he allegedly did for the highly-anticipated special.

The report states that Hodges did a lot of work for the project – including acting, producing, editing and writing. Tucker and Hodges allegedly started working together on the material nearly seven years ago in 2008.

“Hodges says he’s racked up $66k in fees, during trips to Philadelphia, L.A., and Atlanta — and hasn’t been regularly paid since 2011.”

In addition to the unpaid wages, Hodges also claims that Chris Tucker promised to make him a co-producer on the Netflix special. By doing that, Terry Hodges would have likely been able to benefit financially on the back-end – depending on the success (or failure) of the Netflix special.

However, that deal apparently fell through. Marty Singer, Chris Tucker’s attorney, released an official statement in regards to the lawsuit and Hodges’ claims.

“This lawsuit is absurd and completely without merit. We fully expect this case to be thrown out by the court.”

Chris Tucker’s stand-up special was filmed at the Historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia – the hometown of the Silver Linings Playbook actor.

Even though many fans and critics remember Chris Tucker for his hit movies – such as the Rush Hour franchise and Friday – the actor’s roots in the entertainment industry started with stand-up comedy.

Long before Chris Tucker had his breakthrough role in the 1995 box-office hit, Friday, Tucker was frequently featured as a stand-up comedian on Def Comedy Jam.

Tucker expressed his love for stand-up comedy in an official statement promoting his Netflix special.

“Before people started seeing me in movies, I was doing stand up. It’s always been a part of me, and now I’m excited to share it with my fans around the world.”

The first, official trailer for the Chris Tucker stand-up comedy special was released online by Netflix Monday.

The Netflix comedy special, Chris Tucker Live, will be released exclusively via the media streaming service on Friday, July 10. The release of the comedy special marks the first project featuring Chris Tucker that was produced by his own company, Chris Tucker Entertainment.

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