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Chris Tucker Counter Sues Comedian, Blasts Lawsuit Over Netflix Special!

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Chris Tucker is blasting the comedian who sued him accusing him of not paying him a dime in years for his work on his recent Neflix special, claiming his generosity was taken advantage of and the man actually owes him over 25k.

Earlier this month, a man named Terry Hodges filed suit against Chris Tucker claiming he did a ton of work – starting in 2008 – for Tucker and his recent Netflix special — editing, writing, acting and producing – and hasn’t been paid in a dime in years.

Hodges claimed in his lawsuit that he racked up 66k in fees, traveling to Philly, L.A. and Atlanta and had not received a paycheck regularly since 2011. Further, he accused Tucker of lying, by telling him that he would be listed as co-producer for the Netflix special. He sued for unspecified damages for the unpaid work he did for the comedian

Then on July 28th, Tucker fired back, explaining that he consulted with Hodges in regards to his concert film and to warm up the audience along with introducing him before he came out on stage. However, he says he never hired him to write, edit, produce, act or do voice over announcing for his special.


He denied all the allegations in the complaint and says that Hodges has been paid the full amount he was owed. He also claims that any damages Hodges may have incurred are offset by the wrongful conduct he committed including personal loans that Tucker gave to Hodges.

Tucker also accuses Hodges of not performing his obligations per their deal.

He then counter-sued Hodges saying he loaned the man 25k, on an open book that Tucker opened for him — which was to be paid back. However, he claims he was never paid and Tucker says he has been damaged to the tune of 25k + interest for him not paying him back.

Tucker explains he has demanded the 25k payment numerous times but Hodges has yet to pay. He is suing Hodges for the money back and attorney fees for having to fight this battle in court.

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