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Charlie Murphy Lashes Out At Crowd While On Stage At Grambling State!

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Over the weekend we were sent this video several times from the students at Grambling State University, because they were upset at comedic actor Charlie Murphy during his performance.

It seems he was getting booed while on stage and he was caught on camera telling the crowd  “F*ck you!” while he dropped the check they paid him and he walked off stage. Check out the video and tell us your thoughts below!

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  1. tellingthetruth

    Charlie Murphy went down like a Jew in a Nazi camp! It was horrible. he should have kept his money atleast. The truth is that his stand up just ain’t that good. he’s a good comedic actor. Stick to what you do! You might be able to get away with fooling people at those white colleges, but black colleges ain’t having it. Stay in your lane Charlie

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