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Charlamagne Makes Katt Williams His ‘Donkey Of The Day’ Because…It’s Only Right!

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When you woke up on Wednesday morning (March 23) you didn’t expect to learn that 42-year-old Katt Williams not only got into a physical altercation with a seventh grader, but then got his behind handed to him in the process. Well, that was indeed the case, and once footage surfaced online of the “after school brawl” Power 105.1’s Charlamagne The God had no choice but to make the troubled comedian his ‘Donkey of The Day.”

“I didn’t think anyone could receive Donkey of The Day as much as Donald Trump, but Katt Williams is on his heels now,” Charlamagne said.

In a five minute read, Charlamagne and the rest of Power’s talking heads play the audio from the fight and ask very logical questions as to why Williams, who is already neck-deep in legal woes, risking his freedom and finances once again.

“Why in the hell are you posted up at a grade school for? You just randomly at recess,” Charlamagne questioned, only to then segue way his diatribe against Williams into the more pressing portion of the whole ordeal.

“I’m just mad that a 42 year old man can’t knock out a child,” he said. “Katt Williams had a close range, sucker punch, hit him flush on the jaw and that little boy wasn’t even tickled…Kat Williams was manhandled by a kid. He got little boy handled.”

Many who have witnessed Williams downward spiral are wondering if this is a giant ruse on the Internet, even co-host Angela Yee questioned if we’re all being Punk’d.

As Charlamagne’s lengthy tongue lashing of Williams–who has repeatedly been given the ‘honor’ of Donkey of The Day’ came to a close, the Uncommon Sense host spoke on Williams’ hilarious pleas he coped only after throwing the first punch and being thrown about on the ground.

“First off, finances don’t mean nothing when it comes to fist-fighting. You think because I’m broke I won’t put the beats on you?,” Charlamagne said in reference to Williams questioning how the community could stand by and let a little “broke n—a do that to a celebrity.”

“And how you financially flexing on a seventh grader? That little boy isn’t Saint West or Blue Ivy. Why would he be ballin’ in the seventh grade? For you to even try and justify that ass whooping with money shows how much of a sucker you are, Kat.”

Oh Katt. Whatever will we do with you? Listen to Charlamagne’s ‘Donkey of The Day’ below.

Source: VIBE

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