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Cedric The Entertainer Preps Launch Of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' On Sept 2nd!

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NEW YORK, NY (JULY 29, 2013) – Stand-up comedian and popular film and television actor Cedric “The Entertainer” debuts as the new host of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” this fall as the hit game show launches its 12th season in national syndication on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2013. “Millionaire” contestants will find themselves laughing all the way to the bank this season with the infusion of Cedric’s spontaneous humor and unpredictable fun into television’s most exciting game show. All new episodes of “Millionaire” with Cedric “The Entertainer” as host premiere September 2. Check local listings or go to for time and channel.

A comedian with widespread appeal, Cedric is best known for his work on the record-breaking “Kings of Comedy” tour with Steve Harvey, the late Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley, which led to the hit film “The Original Kings of Comedy.” Cedric currently stars in and executive-produces TV Land’s sitcom “The Soul Man” (with co-star Niecy Nash). He transitioned from stand-up comedian to television actor in 1996, making his acting debut on The WB’s “The Steve Harvey Show.” Cedric also will be featured in Disney’s upcoming animated film “Planes,” set to premiere August 9.

As America’s richest game show, “Millionaire” continues to be the only game show to offer a
$1 million prize to each and every contestant. Since “Millionaire” debuted in syndication in 2002, contestants have won over $80 million! “Millionaire” features contestants from all over the country and remains a game where anyone can win big. Featuring cleverly written trivia questions that reveal fun and entertaining facts, the game offers contestants and viewers alike a playful learning experience filled with dramatic suspense that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

“Millionaire” is produced by Valleycrest Productions Ltd. and is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Rich Sirop is the executive producer. “Millionaire” is taped at Metropolis Studios (106 & Park) in New York City. Visit “Millionaire’s” website at:

Every weekday, contestants on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” are given the extraordinary chance to win life-changing money by answering 14 entertaining pop culture and general knowledge trivia questions. “Millionaire” implemented several changes to gameplay in 2010, infusing more excitement, comedy, playfulness and fun into the show for both the contestant and home viewer.

Contestants are given three lifelines to help them reach the top prize on the show – one “Ask the Audience” lifeline and two “Jump the Question” lifelines. If a contestant “jumps” over a question, he or she does not have to answer the question, but they forfeit the money attached to the question. The “Phone a Friend” and “50-50” lifelines are no longer part of the game. The famed “Hot Seat” is gone and both the contestant and host now stand throughout the game.

The game is divided into two rounds. In the first round (questions 1-10), questions are shuffled and the monetary values behind the questions are randomized and hidden. Contestants do not find out the monetary value of each question until after they correctly answer it. With dollar values ranging from $100 to $25,000 in the first round, contestants can answer an easy question and be rewarded as much as $25,000, while a relatively hard question could only land them $100. Money earned from each correct answer is added to the contestant’s “Millionaire Bank.” Contestants who walk away from the game in the first round are able to take home half of their accumulated Millionaire Bank. Contestants leave with $1,000 if they answer incorrectly on a question in the first round of the game.

In the second round of the game (questions 11 – 14), contestants play “Classic Millionaire,” with only four questions remaining – valued at $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and finally, $1 million. In “Classic Millionaire,” the questions get progressively harder. If a contestant walks away from the game in the second round, he or she is able to take home their entire accumulated Millionaire Bank. An incorrect answer in the second round of the game enables the contestant to walk away with $25,000 in winnings.

With “Millionaire’s” fresh and fun new format, no two games are alike and each contestant’s path to $1 million is unique and unpredictable!



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