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Brand New Skit-The Weekend Update With Paul Mooney Jr.- This Week's Ep.-Why Chris Brown Is The New Bobby Brown!

Comedy News

Here is a brand new feature that we are going to introduce weekly titled The Weekend Update With Paul Mooney Jr. This week’s new episode to start things off is Why Chris Brown is The New Bobby Brown!

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  1. Brandy

    I can’t believe he is ripping off Paul Mooney’s image!! he ain’t even funny

  2. Raffe

    “Why Chris Brown Is The New Bobby Brown”…Damn, where does this guy come up with this shit. DOPE!!!

  3. Ericka

    Brandy…This Parody is the best form of flattery I’ve seen on YouTube. Period. Don’t Hate!

  4. Black

    this guy deserves waaaaaaaaay more views. too funny lol

  5. missmack

    Hilarious! Imitation is on point!!

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