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*Brand New*- Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie!

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Here is our brand new segment titled Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie as comedian Kiana Dancie discusses topics of today.

This week, in the first segment, the topic that is the main discussion on everyone’s minds is Montana Fishburne and her idea to jump into the porn industry with a father like Lawrence Fishburne. Kiana tells us her thoughts and more!

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  1. Leigh Eaden

    Girl, you are craaaazy! But, you right! Thats a shame that this is the first time I saw you during your comedy. You got it, ma’am!!! GO Kiana GO Kiana!!!!!

  2. JP

    Kiana Dancie doing it big with komedy kocktails! Toronto Canada to Atlanta Georgia Kiana we see you!!! JP-TV

  3. Stephen(bka Redd)

    LOL! Feelin’ Komedy Kocktails,congrats, and leave Larry Fishburne’s daughter alone(draggin’ the chef into it,too…you got JOKES…lol). Too funny, you post em, I’ll watch/share em. Lotsa love. 🙂

  4. Malik Muhammad

    Truth be told….. Chronic masterbating and be a chef is like the dope man being a smoker….. NOT A GOOD LOOK!

  5. sanedria

    Good to see the always hilarious Kiana. Great Job!!!

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