Bill Bellamy To Host New Interactive Game Show Titled 'Let's Ask America'!

Comedy News

Bill BellamyWe discovered over the weekend that comedian Bill Bellamy has joined the fraternity of comedians who are now hosting or who have hosted a game show; his new show is titled Let’s Ask America!

Bellamy joins comedians Steve Harvey (Family Feud), Cedric The Entertainer (Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?), D.L. Hughley (Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host), DeRay Davis (Mind Of A Man), and Tony Rock (Can You Tell?). (We are pretty sure we missed a couple of people, but you get the idea.)

Bellamy is now the host of the show Let’s Ask America which is a daily, half-hour, television game show that lets you, the home viewer, be a contestant on the show on TV from the comfort of your home via web chat. The syndicated show is set to debut September 8th in 13 markets including Baltimore, Detroit and San Diego with the premise that if it does well it will immediately expand to other major markets.


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