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BET Greenlights New DOCU-SERIES Titled ‘Copwatch America’

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Yesterday, BET Networks announces its new 10-part one-hour docu-series. Across 10 frenetic episodes, “CopWatch America” cross-cuts the incredible stories of “copwatchers” from two U.S. cities, some of whom are life-long activists and others who are new to the movement. Through these characters, viewers will come to understand the specific issues facing each community. Armed only with their cameras, these “copwatchers” fight every day to protect citizens, amplify the truth, and keep abuses of power in check. As the series embeds with major Copwatch organizations in America’s most volatile cities, viewers will get to know the real heroes behind the cameras and the personal stories that compelled them to put their lives on the line for this cause. Examining all sides of the story, from police officers who insist they are just trying to build up their communities, to the copwatchers determined to speak truth to power, you never know what you might see next.

“BET Networks is committed to bringing important stories of systemic issues of race and justice across our nation to light. We are taking this on in a way no other brand and network can, through platforms like our powerful ‘Finding Justice’ franchise and our upcoming original docu-series Copwatch America,” said Marisa Levy, VP Head of Unscripted, BET Networks. “We look forward to partnering with acclaimed storytellers Renowned Films and Critical Content and continue to empower our community and focus on activists who use video cameras to protect the rights and in some cases, the lives of African Americans in police encounters.”

Created by Renowned Films “CopWatch America” is co-produced by Renowned Films and Critical Content. Executive Producers are Max Welch, Tim Withers and Duane Jones for Renowned Films and Tom Forman for Critical Content.

Max Welch, Executive Producer, and Co-Founder Renowned Films said “We’re incredibly excited to be working with BET, and the Copwatch movement on such an important and powerful series. “Copwatch America” will be shocking, eye-opening, exhilarating, explosive must watch action getting to the core of one of the biggest issues facing America, its police and the communities they serve today. Prepare for plenty of confrontation, powerful personal stories, injustices, and debate, as we capture the groundbreaking stories of those on both sides of the story in search of truth.”

Duane Jones, Executive Producer, and Co-Founder Renowned Films commented, “It has never been more of an important time to bring the remarkable stories of cop watchers across the US and their continued fight against injustice to the public. Renowned understands how important the conversation sparked by “Copwatch America” will be, and we look forward to working with BET to dig deep into this complex narrative. With never-before seen, unprecedented access to the frontline over ten compelling episodes, we will detail the personal experiences of those affected on all sides by this deadly epidemic.”

“I’ve spent my career telling law enforcement stories, but never from this perspective. Not even close. Hats off to BET for allowing us to tackle this subject matter in a way that speaks to their audience and this time,” added Tom Forman, CEO, Critical Content.

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