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Oh No! BET Cancels The Mo'Nique Show!

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We just discovered from our sources that one of Black Entertainment Television’s most popular show The Mo’Nique Show was just canceled!

Word is (and we  heard from one of the producers who was officially laid off) that the show was doing well, and that there was a dispute over the direction Mo’Nique (the show’s host) wanted to take the show and with booking certain guests. broke the story and reported something similar from their sources, and we can confirm that there was a conflict as they reported. We are just not sure what it was-yet. We left word with the show’s producers and executives over at BET and we were told that an official statement would be made very soon! So, stay tuned!

We did hear that the show is officially put on a “indefinite hiatus” and after over 300 episodes, the show’s producers have no idea what’s next.

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  1. GBOS

    I hope that BET and the powers to be… Work on keep’n The Mo Nique Show, It is a great Entertainment Show that showcase’s the “Best of the Best” while given New Artist a platform to be seen and heard. GBOS,WOC Women of Color,and New Artist Magazines Boston,MA.

  2. ifelicious

    I wasn’t a huge fan of her show, but I caught an episode every now and then (usually if a guest I wanted to see was on). I also thought things were smooth sailing with her show on BET. I’m kind of surprised. She’s far enough into her show that changing direction/focus a bit shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Oh well…it’s BET. Maybe they’ll come back with something at the 11th hour and keep Mo’Nique on the air. I wonder what your other readers have to say.

  3. Bobby

    Well, it doesn’t surprise me… white man got tired of her over salaciousness,

    “Oh thank you massur suh, for giving me this fabulous opportunity. I’se so grateful I is, and I sho nuff am humbled that you’d think a big ol negro gal lak myself could host a show fa so long. I sho appreciate yo keepin me on for as long as y’all did.!”

    I’m sorry, but that’s the way she came off to me. I liked her better when she was play characters and NOT trying to impress her bosses.

    just my 2-

  4. Betty Jean Nobles

    This is very sad news for grown tv viewers. Monique brought a fresh, humane voice to tv. SHe brought the sisterhood out front, women supporting each other. Too many women today don’t understand what that is all about. I enjoyed her style of interviewing and the way she interacted with the audience. I relate to her in many ways. It bad enough that Oprah has retired. And now, no more Monique! What is going on BET? Why can’t we have some quality programs any more? Monique is very talented and she has respect for people. She will land on her feet with. I look forward to her doing something on daytime tv. She has the class to pull it off. I will miss your show! Love You Sister Monique! May God Continue To Bless You!

  5. Stacey Stacy, Comedienne/Actress

    I enjoyed the Mo’Nique show when I had cable. Are we loosing our influence as more and more African Americans are having to choose between the cable bill and keeping the lights on?

    Will you supply us with an email address or phone number to call BET and let them know that black folks want Mo’Nique to remain on air?

  6. cynthia

    I have enjoyed watching this show, there is always laughter and educational entertainment, I hope that things will work out so we can continue to be entertain and educated through laughter

  7. Delano Glass

    I hope BET & Mo’ Nique can work things out! I love her show!!!! As a film maker I love the way she supports lesser known acts. Hopefully if it can’t be worked out another network will pick the show up!

    • Louie Muhammad

      Delano,Thank you for those Wise Words!

  8. Louie Muhammad


  9. Runako

    Ok, it took me awhile to get into the show because when I am getting ready for bed at night, I do not like my late-night talk show hosts yelling “Yeah shugga’ baby” for the first 10 minutes…BUT, overall, the progression of the show, the guest, especially the musical artist were very diverse and entertaining. To me, she seemed to tone it down a bit, which has made it more enjoyable.
    I always DVR it, just in case there is someone that I really like.
    Just as “The Game” was brought back, I say let’s call/write/email BET and let them know that the show does have it’s value and Monique deserves a second chance.

  10. Renetta Alexande

    Hello, I am very sad, The Mo’Nique Show is being cancelled, she deserves to be on the air just as any other show, because she is real and she makes her guests and the TV viewers feel loved, just because people think she is yelling, she really is’nt, anyone who has know Mo’Nique can tell you, she is just being herself, and I don’t see anything wrong with that, Is there anyway the show can be saved or be on another TV Network ? The Late Night World will not be The same !!

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