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  • *Brand New*- Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie!
    Comedy News

    Here is our brand new segment titled Komedy Kocktails With Kiana Dancie as comedian Kiana Dancie discusses topics of today. This week, in the first segment, the topic that is the main discussion on everyone’s minds is Montana Fishburne and her idea to jump into the porn industry with a father like Lawrence Fishburne. Kiana […]

  • Jaden Smith Locks In Another New Film!

    It looks like Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith just locked another film under his belt- with his father’s assistance of course. We hear that Overbrook Entertainment (owned by Will), along with Disney is set to produce a new film titled Monster Witness Relocation Program, which we hear is a script based on the young adult […]

  • Brandon T. Jackson Caught On Humor Mill TV!
    Comedy News

    We got a chance to catch up with comedic actor Brandon T. Jackson ( who was most recently seen in the film Lottery Ticket) at the Laugh Factory during the Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show, and we walked into a storm! He was upset about a couple of things, and we are not sure of what, […]




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  • WATCH: Roast Battle Between Comedians Deon Cole And Tony Roberts

    As you already know, the comedy industry has taken a big hit during the coronavirus. So many comedians are trying to figure out ways to entertain themselves and their audience. With that being said, comedians Deon Cole (of black-ish fame) and Tony Roberts (of Uncle Buck fame) decided earlier today to entertain their fans by conducting […]

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