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Angela Bassett Leads All Star Cast For Waiting To Exhale Sequel!


We were sent a news item this morning- and we were bombarded with emails alerting us about this good news- we hear that actress Angela Bassett is leading the all star cast of Waiting To Exhale’s follow up film!

Yep, that’s right Bassett revealed that the sequel titled Getting Happy, Terry McMillan‘s follow up book, was on the road to becoming a film! On the CBS show The Talk, she revealed that everyone from the original cast was on board and Forest Whitaker will direct.

She (McMillan) wrote Getting to Happy and she’s written the screenplay… Loretta, Lela, Whitney, Forest. Forest is working on the script now, ” she said.

The film Waiting To Exhale which was released in 1995 was a huge success making over $81 million and was lead by that very powerful ANTHEM by R&B artist Mary J Blige titled Not Gonna Cry and also starred Whitney Houston (who was the lead actress of the film at the time),  Lela Rochon and  Loretta Devine.

Bassett and Devine are currently starring in the new hit Jumping The Broom, in theaters now.

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  1. Aisha

    This is such great news! This is my favorite actress! I so much would love to be apart of this film! Huge fan, Love you Angela!!!!

  2. shana

    Actually the movie was lead with Whitney’s song, ‘Exhale, Shoop, shoop’ which entered the charts at #1 and went on to become the longest running #2 song. Mary’s song ‘not gon cry’ never hit #1 nor sold as many copies.Looking forward to the movie

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