An Official Announcement Of Jamie Foxx As Spawn Coming Soon?

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Jamie FoxxAfter our first report last August about Jamie Foxx landing the lead role in the Spawn movie reboot and the very long drought since then, it seems that the news will be officially be teased at the San Diego Comic Con 2014 this July according to reports.

Following reports that the film’s script is already done and is slated for filming this year, Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn, was soon swarmed by questions about the possibly storyline of the highly anticipated movie.

“I think it’s a quick shoot. It’s not going to be a giant budget with a lot of special effects, it’s going to be more of a horror movie and a thriller movie, not a superhero one. I’ve got so many people phoning now that I’ve got to get it done. I’ve made some promises to people this year,” McFarlane said when asked about the production of the reboot.

This would mark McFarlane’s first time at the helm of a feature film. Though seasoned as a comic book writer and artist, his only directorial effort to date is a music video for Korn. Still, he seems confident in his ability to pull it off.

An official announcement will be made soon, and we will have the details!

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