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An Insider Releases A Tell-All Book About Katt Williams!

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Katt Williams is about to be in the news again, and this time it’s not up to him. This time a book was released from an insider who worked for Katt and traveled on the road with him, saw all of the drama, and most importantly took notes.

Comedian Darryl Littleton was the insider who worked with Katt for over a year, and he recently decided to publish a tell- all book that goes deep inside all of the ups and downs of being on the road with one of the greatest persons (in his prime) to ever touch a mic.

Anyway, here is the press release that we received this morning about the book;

This insider’s book candidly reveals what went wrong with one of the most meteoric careers in modern show business.   The tantrums, drugs, groupies, lavish hotels, sexual exploits, booze, expensive cars, multiple suicide attempts, private jets, fans, celebrity worship, swanky homes, hanger-ons, feuds, jail time, court dates, gang hits, fat cigars and betrayal are all chronicled.

The expose’ also explores 21st Century fame and the alarming pattern of mental instability amongst our current celebrities. In 2008 Katt Williams had risen to become one of the most controversial, sought after entertainers in America solidifying such lofty hype with a $50 million grossing comedy tour followed up by a well-publicized meltdown, a brief stay in a mental facility and retirement.
How could it all go so wrong so fast? What happened to the crown pimp of comedy?  Why does he act so crazy?   Darryl Littleton, Williams’ former writer was there when it crumbled and picks up the pieces for us to examine. “Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams” lays out step-by-step how Williams, the pimp, was undermined by his own trusted female camp.
Katt Williams is currently on a comeback tour.  He’s assembled a new entourage and has displayed further erratic behavior.  He’s in ACT II of his never boring career.  “Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams” shows us what destroyed ACT I and how the second act could be a mirror image.  Available on Kindle, Kindle Apps and
CONSCIOUS COMEDY TIME was co-founded by comedian/author, Darryl Littleton and his wife, Tuezdae in 2009.  Their goal is to have comedy recognized as a legitimate art form such as music, theater and dance.  This is Darryl’s second book.   His first, “Black Comedians on Black Comedy” is also available on, public libraries and is taught at USC.
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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    Also to Darryl Littleton AKA D’Millitant credit is the fact that “Black Comedians on Black Comedy” became a successful TV special on Showtime, produced by Jeff Clanagan of CodeBlack Entertainment. Yes the same Jeff Clanagan who is ow making comedy history with Kevin Hart by exporting comedy to the mother land, Africa.

    We are living in great times for comedy, again! A lot is here for us in the comedy business if we grasp ahold of it and run toward the Goal Po$t.

    I’ve interviewed both Darryl Littleton and Jeff Clanagan on STEVIE MACK RADIO before, and I will now, have them on again, about this new book, “Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams” and about Jeff distributing films theatrically in Africa.

    Humor Mill keep doing what you’re doing and I will ride with ya….all the way to the Goal Po$t!

  2. Steve

    Darryl’s time is coming and when it does it will be BIG! This guy is a huge ball of talent with a pot load of common sense and intellect!
    His first book “Black Comedians on Black Comedy” was good, his tribute to Bernie Mac, in
    a recent Humor Mill, was great and I’m buying
    “Pimp Down” tomorrow.
    “Dee” remember me when the BIG LIGHT$ come a calling! God Bless!

  3. Tim

    D’MILITANT, is truly one awesome individual that I consider a true friend Understandme.. I have him booked for my “Understandme 1st Friday Comedy Series” on October 7th 2011 at The Platinum of Birmingham. And people is you are anywhere near the state of Alabama I promise you do not want to miss this show hosted by your truly actor, comedian, Tim Jennings aka “Style” and friends..

    hit us up for more details

  4. Kevin

    I dnt care how many people feel like Katt was try to comite sucied. All yal are haters. He is still the funniest comidian ever to have walked the face of the earth. So he did some drugs, slept with some whores. If you had his life you would probally do the same so quit hatin.

  5. Darryl

    The reality is books have been written about Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx and many other comedy stars. Why anyone would be so shortsighted as to believe a book would never be written about Katt Williams, one the biggest and most controversial comedians of his generation is completely absurd. It’s not ‘hatin’ for a writer to write the truth. Or would some have preferred an Anglo-Saxon writer from the New Yorker told this story from an outsiders point of view so you could all shake your heads and say “That ain’t the way it was’? Read the book before passing judgment on its contents and merits.



  7. Lena Smith

    First of all, people that sign confidentiality agreements should not be telling all of anything! I do believe that calls for legal repercussions. Anyway, if a person comes to a comedian of such a stature as a Katt Williams, needing to borrow clothes, shoes, and hats for the tour, then I think he should reevaluate his place in life. The sad part in this whole “tell all” experience is that you have to tell on yourself – “snitch”, and you really have to be a bitch nigga in order to attempt an expose of someone that did nothing but put you on tour and resurrect your dead ass career, but even this attempt at fame and fortune will not give you another 15 minutes. KARMA BITCH!!!!!!!

    • Primtyme

      Lena you hit the nail right on the head. This is some snith type shit. Who the hell write a book about the rise and fall of someone that feed you for years. This dude would never make it in the streets. Karma is a Bitch for sure. Snitches get stitches. Katt your the best dude for real.

  8. Red Grant

    How can you try to carry a brother who fed us. Come on D. That’s stuff that people get slapped for in real life.. Red Grant…

  9. Darryl Littleton

    Obviously none of you who’ve responded negatively have read the book yet. Tell-All means just that – the good as well as the bad. It’s interesting to see that I’m being threatened publicly in print. Smart. If anybody wants to know another reason why this book was written you might want to check out Chapter 22. If the plans for me had been made on you, most of you wouldn’t have written a book – you’d have written an encyclopedia. As far as any confidentiality agreement I didn’t sign anything so I suggest you not try to present any forged documents in court. I’ll bring a hand writing expert. Other than that- enjoy your weekend.

  10. Kristin

    Seriously the fact of placing other people business out in the street is a sign if betrayal. That was your place to do that. How wood you feel if the shoe was on the other foot. You have cost yourself great problems for your future when it comes to trust. You can’t get mad when people stated their opinion that’s in the Constitutional rights. My point is your were the informal the entire time.

    Name one person on this earn that doesn’t have no faults. You need to stop being a fault finder and write about yourself because if the works wanted you to write a book about other celebrities your mouth would be open.

    May God bless you and your family for your mistakes. Honestly I think you got mad and didn’t care how you exposed other people.

  11. Concerned

    Never bite the hand that feeds you. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. I’m sure the book speaks nothing ill-mannered towards the writer and his inappropriateness while he on tour. The writer should sweep around their own front door before trying to sweep around some else’s.

    Be careful Mister Writer. What goes around, comes around. The Law of Attraction tells us “like attracts like” and encourages us to be energetically one with what we are intending to manifest.

  12. jcrave

    hey dumb a$$eS i hope you know that everything in this book is agreed upon by Katt Williams so its not “snitching” he wantred it told helps with fame and money fu^*tards

  13. Reka

    If everyone has an issue with the book all I can say is “KATT write your own”. Nobody can tell the facts of your life like you. End of story!

  14. AnnieLynn

    Love you Mr Williams but you need to expand tons of pretty white women adore you give us a chance 🙂

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