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Actress Gabrielle Union Is Cast In New Comedy Pilot With Kevin Hart!

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Last week news dropped that comedian Kevin Hart landed a new comedy pilot titled Little In Common, a show that will be on the FOX network and star Rob Cordry.

The show will center on 3 families and their kids’ little league sports teams. The funny thing about the show is that there are lots of racial tones to the teams and how they play out, such as a Latino team, a black team. and a so called uppity “high class” team. The comedy will be how they are all interacting in their neighborhoods and on the teams.

We hear that Hart will play one half of the Burlesons – Ty Burleson, a former pro-athlete, but now a sports writer-turned-house husband who coaches a little league baseball team. We also hear that Union will co-star as the other half of the Burlesons, Ty’s wife, Nicole Burleson, a “lobbyist on the fast track to success who is every bit as competitive and intense as her husband.

Word is that Little In Common will make its debut as a mid-season replacement.

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