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A New Tracy Morgan Update On 'The Today Show'!

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Tracy2Tracy Morgan has spent most of the last two decades on NBC airwaves, but it was his lawyer who took his place on the “Today” Show on Monday morning.

The attorney, Benedict Morelli, joined host Matt Lauer to give an update on the former “SNL” and “30 Rock” star, who was critically injured in a late night car crash in June.

“He’s still struggling, but he’s a fighter,” Morelli reported. “He’s had issues before that he’s fought through and he’s fighting hard. The interesting thing is at the beginning, the internet was saying he was dead, and then they said they amputated his leg. Now it’s coming out that he’s doing great — none of those things are true or accurate.”

Morgan broke several bones in the crash,  which killed a fellow comedian, and was released from a stint in rehab in mid-July. A few days later, he spoke to the press outside of his home, putting on a smile despite needing the help of a walker and an assistant.

He is suing Walmart, the employer of Kevin Roper, the truck driver who caused the crash. Morelli gave some insight and justification for the suit against the major corporation.

Roper, Morelli said, had been awake for 25 hours straight after driving from Georgia to Delaware, which created a dangerous situation for which the country’s biggest employer is responsible — despite Lauer’s protestations on behalf of the mega-corporation.

“[Roper] works for Wal-Mart and I’m going to show, if I have to in court, that that’s the culture, that that’s what they set up,” the attorney said. “They know — and by the way, he isn’t the only driver that drives hundreds of miles to get to work. They have to make sure that this doesn’t happen.”

Source: The Wrap

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