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The Humor Mill To Launch New Radio Show On The Foxxhole!

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We here at The Humor Mill are preparing to launch a new radio show on the Jamie Foxx owned Radio Station known as The Foxxhole. The Sirius XM Satellite station is currently revamping it’s schedule and has already rolled out several new comedians with their own show. Comedians such as Gary Owen, Tony Roberts and Billy Sorrells are all in the early stages of launching (or have already launched)  their own shows, and now we have joined those ranks.

The show will be a weekly one hour show hosted by and with comedians Jay Phillips and Joey Wells, with Publisher Frank Holder having a round table discussion about the current topics happening in the comedy and entertainment industry, while also having discussions and interviews with comedians, actors, producers, directors (and more) talking about their future projects. With surprise guests and more stopping by- and exclusives- you never know what’s going to happen!

More details will follow soon!

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  1. Jacquelyn Tocci

    Good evening. I wanted to send you some information about the upcoming Cape May Comedy Festival which is being held on July 26-68, 2013 in Cape May, NJ. The Cape May Comedy Festival is unique to South Jersey in that it is an all-encompassing, town-wide event with several proceedings occurring throughout the weekend at varying venues targeting a broad range of audience and industry demographics. Highly recognizable, nationally renowned headliners to host the Main Stage at Convention Hall on Friday and Saturday while smaller shows are occurring at staggered times throughout the town. Comedy shows will include different genres including improv, stand-up, sketch, prop and open mic and also different themes such as all female, family friendly and so on. In addition to live comedy performances, a stand-up comedy competition will also be taking place. I’ve attached our sponsorship packet for your review as well as a general flyer for the contest, which we are currently accepting submissions for at or How would I go about getting the information out through your radio programming and web site and who would I talk to about potential sponsorship opportunities with your company? Who can I send our sponsorship packet and contest info to within your company? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you!


    Jacquelyn Tocci

    Rock Solid Productions

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