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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With New Group ‘Band Of Brothers’


      The Band of Brothers is comprised of four highly talented brothers. Andre “MoDre” Brown (Bass), Jerome “Jslim” Monroe Jr (Keyboards), Sharod “Mister virtuoso” Allen (Guitar) and Jordan “Jhemby” Hemby (Drums).  This type of unity and harmony is what is needed in the cutthroat world of the music industry.  Bands are no longer viewed as an accessory in the background, they bring so much more to the table and bring the entire show to life: visually, aesthetically and of course musically. The mood and tone of a concert is set by the first note and with the Band of Brothers it is always kicked off on a high note.

US: How did the Band of Brothers come to be? And besides playing a specific instrument, what else does each of you bring to the table?

BB: Each one of us brings different assets to the table. All four of us produce music and more. The Band of Brothers originally formed from another group called the 630 Band, which included lead vocalist in 2011. Besides playing instruments all four members of the Band of Brothers adds different flavors to the band like: music production, creative directing and great energy.

We all play multiple instruments, as well as produce and sing.

US: Do you see performing on stage as work or living out your dreams?

BB: Definitely living out our dreams, we’ve all in some shape or form dreamed to be able to use our gifts to travel the world and inspire people. It just so happened we got to make that dream a reality together.

 US: Do you organically get picked for each gig or is there a bigger network you are apart of?

 BB: As far as touring behind Artists it’s usually based on relationships and reputation. Fortunately enough for us, we spent the better part of 5 years paying our dues, gigging around the city of Atlanta, hitting almost every Open Mic, Jam Session and Friday Night Club gig there was. I think at a point we were playing 6 nights a week which was not to bad for a 18-24 year old musicians. Through maintaining great relationships we had built with promoters, managers and Artists alike we’ve been very blessed to be able to land some pretty dope gigs!

US: Do you have a certain niche of artist you prefer to play for or are you open to new opportunities regardless of the genre?

BB: I would say we’re pretty open, especially being that we all come from different musical backgrounds. Sharod is a Neo-Soul guy and Dre is more Motown and Rock, so it actually works out because it allows us to be a lot more flexible when it comes to the genres. As for the Artists, we honestly just love working with good people that we can have fun with on and off stage!

US: Gracing stages with the Roots, established artists like, Big KRIT, Raury and other scan you see this as a career you can retire with?

BB: Definitely not retire! The world without music would be a miserable place, so we will keep pushing positive vibes until the day we die.

 US: Have any of you branched out beyond music? 

BB: Of course, Modre established his Business (Classic Music LLC), which is a company that prides itself on helping other musicians and Artists create longevity in this Music industry. Slim is a creative person who loves the Arts such as: Photography, Videography and Creative Directing. Jordan has done a great amount of Event Planning around the Atlanta area as well as promoting shows. Sharod loves to engulf himself in the Film industry as well as engineering recording sessions. So we all bring different things to the table.

US: Which stop on any leg of all the tours you have been apart of, is your favorite?

BB: That’s a hard one…. It’ll probably have to be between Australia and Amsterdam with Raury.

US: How important is it to give back to Independent Artists on the rise?

BB: Very Important! Every Artist out now has been Independent at one point and time in their life. We all need support and help to become great, and that is what we are about, giving back.

US:  Who are your mentors? 

BB: We have a bunch of older kats that have looked out for us over the years

Jorel Jfly Flynn, Abyss Graham, Claude Deuce, David Price and so many more.

US: Is your single, “No Worries” a stand-alone project or a taste of something more to come?

BB: Our single “No Worries” is a friendly introduction to who The Band Of Brothers are and what we represent. So there will be a lot more to come.

 US: What is the inspiration behind “No Worries?”


BB: The inspiration behind No Worries comes from an honest place that we all share in our hearts, concerning our involvement with the music industry. The ups and downs of it all and how we continue to press through the negativity we’ve been through with our positive vibes.


US: Do you have any words of advice for students and musicians who have a desire to perform and play full-time?


BB: It’s not always about how well you play better than others or how talented you are, it’s about your character, heart and intentions. You will make it far if you are an honest, hard working and easy to work with. So work hard, have great integrity and character and connect with as many people you can.

US: How can our fans stay connected with you?

BB:  They Can Join the Family @Theebandofbrothers on Instagram and twitter


You can also listen to No Worries on Soundcloud


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